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How to Make a Lasting Impression
Part 2

August 2012

Last month I explained that you can drastically strengthen the impression you leave with others by taking control of your own story.You and your choices are to thank for your own success, dedication, and happiness. And the best thing about making a lasting impression is that it deals with a lot of small changes with big impact. Last month I gave you Elements 1-8 of making a lasting impression. This week, I’m sharing elements 9-15.

 The Elements of a Lasting Impression (9 – 15)

9. See Opportunity in Everything:  Never blame anyone for a mistake or shortcoming. Instead, recognize that these things are a part of life and that failure is the mother of growth and innovation. Transform your ho-hum tasks into opportunities to showcase your skills.

10. Be Nice:  Others want to work with you because they value your presence–your energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas. Don’t say or do anything that you will regret. Always offer help and look for opportunities to show others that you care.
11. Make your Boss Look Good: This has less to do with being a kiss-up, and more to do with looking for ways to fill in the gaps and adjust to the work and communication style of your boss. Connect with energy and ask important questions instead of just saying “yes” all the time.
12. Know your Audience: Take a look at the room around you: who may push back on your ideas? Who is coasting? Who will make space for your ideas? Are there people you need to know better?
13. Learn Always: Read, watch, listen, observe, and ask. These actions apply to every situation, whether at work or elsewhere. Connect, collaborate, and consult with others in order to elevate your own perspective and approach.
14. Make Time for Fun: It actually hurts your productivity and creativity when you fail to make time for play in your life. Go ahead, buy tickets, challenge yourself with a new adventure, and always look for opportunities to blend work and fun.
15. Have a Fight Song: You can pinpoint your own fight song by taking note of the things that energize you and prepare you for success. This balance involves not only your mind, but also your spirit and physical well-being.

Choose one of the above elements to work on in the coming week. I know you’ll be happy with the results.

Best of luck.

Margaret Smith
Founder, UXL: Creating Successful Leaders


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