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winter blues

Yes, it’s still winter. Sorry to break the bad news! If you’re finding it hard to roll out of bed and go to work, you’re not alone. 14 % of people in colder climates suffer from seasonal mood changes, commonly known as winter blues. You might feel tired or lethargic. You might feel uninspired or unmotivated at work. You might feel a sense of directionless or purposelessness.

If you suspect that the cold weather is getting you down (and that your feelings aren’t indicators of a larger problem, like depression or true Seasonal Affective Disorder), there are a few simple tactics you can take to turn things around.

Hang in there! Spring will be here before you know it. In the meantime, take a look at these 15 ways to get inspired and boost your mood.



  1. Write it out

Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings can help you make sense of them. Writing is a great release for pent-up emotions.

  1. Practice saying affirmations every morning

Before you get out of bed, focus on your strengths and the positive aspects of your life.

  1. Visit a conservatory

Soak in some actual sun at your local conservatory. The benefit of being in a warm environment among oxygen-giving plants is amazing! Bring a book and stay a while.

  1. Invest in a light box

According to psychologist Stephen Josephson, sitting in front of a light box daily for half an hour to an hour is very effective for improving mood and motivation.

  1. Eat healthy

Although it’s tempting to turn to chocolate and potato chips during the winter months, do your best to eat a clean diet. The nutrients will help increase your energy and focus.



  1. Plan a trip

Even if you can’t take a trip in the near future, it’s lots of fun to plan one. Studies show that oftentimes people actual get more enjoyment from planning their trip than actual going on it!

  1. Make dinner dates with friends

Chances are, your friends need to get out of the house just as much as you do!

  1. Visit the aquarium

Not just for kids! Being around fish and sea creatures is incredibly soothing.

  1. Play host/ess

Plan a dinner party for a few weeks from now and invite a handful of friends. Use your creativity to come up with a great menu, décor, music, and drinks.

  1. Get involved

Volunteer opportunities abound! Find a cause you believe in and put in some hours this month. Start looking on Volunteer Match or on the bulletin board in your local community center.



  1. Connect with co-workers

Today, invite a co-worker to lunch (or coffee) and have a chat. The more positive connections you make at work, the more likely you’ll want to show up.

  1. Personalize your office

Update the family photos you keep at work, hang artwork, make your space you.

  1. Move!

If you’re feeling “blah” during the day, don’t just sit there and stare at your screen. Get up, take a walk, and allow yourself to refocus

  1. Make a list of 5 things you love about your job

Are you having trouble making the list? If so, there may be other issues at hand instead of just the winter blues. My door is always open, if that’s the case.

  1. Make a difference in someone’s day

Every day, look for opportunities to spread kindness. You might do something small, like clean the breakroom coffee pot. Or, you might do something larger, like volunteer to help a co-worker with her project. Not only will you feel good about your actions, you’ll be strengthening your personal brand—never a bad thing.



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