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I am very fortunate to have a family beach house in Delaware and try to spend some time there each summer.  This year I was able to navigate three weeks at the beach, which has never happened before.  That was my stretch…both managing before I left to have everything in order and then slowing down while I was there to really appreciate the ocean, the smells, the sounds, the food, and sand in my shoes.
This year my husband found it necessary to fly back to Minnesota early and I was facing the long drive back alone. While in a conversation with a college friend, we both expressed disappointment that we were not going to see each other this summer. I mentioned the long drive back and then, it struck me! Her company on this trip would be awesome and a great way to catch up.  I posed the question, “Want to go on a road trip?”  Her response, “I’ve never been on a road trip but it sounds like a great adventure. I’m in!”
The trip went faster than it ever had, 1,100 miles of talking, laughing, sharing, questioning and comparing.  It was great.  She had never been to Minnesota, (good thing this trip was in August!) so it was fun to show her the place I call home. She stayed one additional day and then flew home.  I received a text from her when she landed in Baltimore: “That was fun, where are we going next?!”

The moral of the story: It’s healthy and beneficial to stretch outside your comfort zone, whether that means talking to a stranger on the sidewalk, applying for your dream job, or writing a book. Look for opportunities to learn, grow, and reach for those stars. You’ll be happy you did.


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