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By Margaret Smith, UXL:

As I mentioned in a previous post, older unemployed workers face a more of a challenge when searching for employment than other demographics.  I’ve compiled a list of some helpful reminders for the older worker’s job hunt that will help you to keep your best foot forward at all times.

> Never forget what you’re worth: Older workers are dependable, have advanced problem-solving abilities, and are just as productive as younger workers.
> Stay enthusiastic and excited: No matter what your age, if you come off as exhausted, bored, resentful, or frustrated, you’re giving interviewers a bad impression.
> Keep your exchange respectful, no matter your age difference.
> Highlight your creativity through specific examples of your past work.
> Emphasize your past loyalty to your company.
> Edit your resume: Avoid the “too old” impression by limiting your “related experience” to the past 15 years, excluding graduation dates, and paring down your list of employment experience by saying “5+ years” instead of “30 years”.
> Explain you’re prepared to hit the ground running. Share examples of your ability to learn quickly with the interviewer.
> Take advantage of your expansive network—it’s still the best way to find work.
> Keep all mentioned accomplishments current.
> Make sure your dress is up to date
, instead of dating you.
> Avoid feelings of defeat or apology for your age—this is not a topic that should be on the table during an interview, nor is it relevant to the conversation.
> Don’t limit your job search to exactly what you were doing before—consider a career change, why not?!
> Don’t mention upcoming retirement hopes.
> Stay current with new technology
. Take a class, solicit the help of another, and do your research.

If you’d like help relaying your skills, interviewing, and branding yourself during the job process, contact me today to learn how I can help.


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