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This past year was astronomically rare. We experienced two blue moons (a full moon twice in one month) in the same year. The next blue moon will not occur until 2018. When you think about this spectacular and rare phenomenon, you can relate it to your own life: What are you doing that is as bold and exceptional as a blue moon? What have you accomplished this past year that goes above and beyond the norm?

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself: “Gee, I’m not sure I’ve done anything too out-of-the-ordinary this year.”  If that’s the case, don’t worry! You still have an entire quarter to accomplish some of your goals and make some extraordinary changes. Here are some tips for making the rest of the year shine:

  1. Re-focus your goals. Do you remember what your New Year’s resolutions were for this year? Did you have a list of things that you wanted to accomplish in 2015? If your list seems daunting right now, take a step back. Think about what you can realistically get done in the next few months and focus your energy on those items. Do NOT beat yourself up over things you can’t accomplish this year. That kind of negative thinking will only weigh on your shoulders as you attempt to refocus your goals.
  2. Make goals! On the flip side, if you didn’t really have any concrete goals this year, it’s not too late to make them. Spend a few quiet minutes jotting down ideas for what you’d like to accomplish in the next three months. Include work-related items as well as non-work items. Do you want to reorganize your closet? Get in better shape? Find two new clients? Master social media? Spend more time with your family? Once you’ve decided on a couple goals, outline a plan on how to reach them.
  3. Find an accountability partner. Sure, you might have good intentions when you set out to achieve your goals, but you might lose steam as the weather gets chillier and the nights longer (I know I do!). That’s where your accountability partner comes in. Find a close friend or family member who is willing to push you to achieve your goals. They should check in regularly to see how you’re doing. And hey, they might even want to participate in end-of-the-year goal setting!
  4. Don’t let obstacles stop your momentum. Sure, life happens. You might, for whatever reason, get derailed from your goals. Get back on the tracks and keep moving! Even if that means down-sizing your goal into something a little more manageable, that’s okay. This is a test in adaptability and mental agility. Do you have what it takes to compartmentalize your road blocks and focus on the bigger picture? I’m sure you do. If you need a little assistance in overcoming obstacles, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for guidance.

Good luck in the final quarter!


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