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Creating Successful Leaders

A recent study found that across the board, the most effective leaders demonstrated the following characteristics:

1) acts of humility, such as learning from criticism and admitting mistakes

2) empowering followers to learn and develop

3) acts of courage, such as taking personal risks for the greater good 

4) holding employees responsible for results

In other words, it is crucial to lead with humility. You may feel pressured to always have the right answer and to always take the reins, which is understandable. After all, the buck stops with you. But if you never allow your team room to find solutions in their own way, you’ll miss out on some amazing collaborations. I’ve witnessed some truly incredible things when I gave people room to learn, grow, ask questions and trust both me and one another.

In other news, the Star Tribune did a great piece on me. You can read it here.

Have a great week, all!


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