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Fall is upon us and, looking back, I learned some valuable lessons from my garden this past year. It’s a quiet instructor, but it can teach us a few valuable things about resiliency and promotion-worthy behavior in the workplace.

1. A sunny personality stands out from the crowd. Which flower are you most likely to stop and admire: the one that shows its stuff and is bright and colorful, or the one that is shriveled and dull? Having a bright personality is one of the best ways to draw positive attention to yourself and promote your psychological brand. Companies endorse and promote those with optimistic, upbeat personalities.

2. What you put in is what you get out. With all the work and activities we tend to pile on our plates, it’s easy to neglect ourselves. We might skip meals, go to bed late, or forget to exercise. This way of living is unhealthy and frankly, unsustainable. If you really want to blossom and do your best at work, make sure to set aside some “me time” every single day and focus on health, nutrition, and quiet time.

3. “Bee” hospitable to others. You are part of a community and, like flowers reach out to bees, you should reach out to your co-workers. Even if you like being a lone wolf, the truth is we need and rely on the insights, advice, skills, and expertise of our co-workers. A couple months ago, I wrote a newsletter on why great leaders should help others succeed. Please click HERE if you are interested in reading the whole article.

4. Don’t plant shade-loving plants in the sun. Everyone has their own unique skill set or “sweet spot,” as I like to call it. As a leader or influencer, make sure your team members are working in the right area. If someone on your team is struggling, it may not be because of their competency, it may simply be because they are a square peg attempting to fit into a round hole. By paying attention and getting to know others’ strengths, you will distinguish yourself as a capable, insightful leader.

As winter sneaks up on us, don’t forget the summer flowers and the lessons they teach us!


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