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Listen up, people! Forbes contributor Jessica Hagy is saying the same thing that I say all the time: Other people play a central role in your career and your life. One of the primary benefits of working on a team, or getting others involved in your work is the ability to harness a diverse set of perspectives, skills, and approaches.

According to Hagy, there are 6 distinct types of people who are essential to your success, especially when it comes to those big, risky steps forward.

Jessica Hagy’s The 6 People You Need in Your Corner

The Instigator
This is a person who isn’t afraid to shake things up or say something that pushes you. They also motivate you to “get up and go” and “make things happen,” says Hagy.

The Cheerleader
This is someone who believes strongly in you and places a lot of faith in your skills and performance. Hagy explains that it is important to “make this person rewarded, to keep them engaged” because this person serves as the “voice of motivation.”

The Doubter
Although it may not always seem like it immediately, the Doubter is an important member of your team because they lead to a solid strategy. Even though you may experience some exhaustion or resistance to the questions this person poses, this person helps you to see problems before they arise. Remember that this person is ”looking out for you,” Hagy reminds.

The Taskmaster
The Taskmaster is the person to thank for the actionable points, or your ‘to do list’ at the close of each meeting. Although it can feel a little bit naggy, the vigilant attention to getting things done keeps things moving forward and helps you to meet your deadline. Hagy refers to this person as “the steward of momentum.”

The Connector
Look to the Connector for “new avenues and new allies,” says Hagy. Sometimes you have a goal or idea, but lack the connections or know-how to make it happen—this person can help you connect with those who can help.

The Example
When I speak, I commonly refer to this person as an advocate or mentor. This is the person who inspires you, who you attempt to emulate in your work and your career. Hagy refers to this person as “your guiding entity, someone whose presence acts as a constant reminder that you, too, can do amazing things.”

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